Květa Gazdíková


Dr Květa Gazdíková has several dozen certifications. She is also a member of major companies and associations, and has been involved in mycotic disease research for several years. Květa Gazdíková has, for example, certificates for working with lasers, botulo-toxin, skin implants, mesonites, chemical peeling, lipolysis and radiofrequency. Her main strength is the positive perception of her clients' needs and requirements, empathy, responsibility and humbleness.





Faculty of General Medicine in Prague, studies completed 1984, attestation in dermato-venerology 1990, attestation in corrective dermatology 1997.

Participation in several years of research into mycotic diseases. Holder of certificates for work with lasers, botulotoxin, skin implants, fine thread contour, chemical peeling, lipolysis.

2007 Certification of Ministry of Health in Prague for professional and specialised qualification of doctor in the field of corrective dermatology and dermato-venereology.

2011 Diploma of lifelong education of doctors.


Professional principles

Patience, empathy, diligent work, education, respect for work and clients.



Endeavour for positive perception of needs and requirements of people, willigness to assist according to possibility. Diligence, purposefulness, responsibility, humility.


Significant memberships

•       Member of the Society for Aesthetic and Corrective Dermatology,

•       Member of the Society for Laser and Aesthetic Medicine,

•       Member of the Society for the Use of Lasers in Medicine of JEP,

•       European Laser Association,

•       American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine,

•       Member of the Medical Society of JEP.



•       Dermato-venereological department of Kladno hospital 1984 – 1985 secondary doctor,

•       Dermato-venereological department of Central Military Hospital Prague, 1985 – 2000, doctor at inpatient and outpatient department,

•       2000 specialist dermatologist, private outpatient clinic of Dr. Pacík, Prague 1,

•       Private dermatological practice Prague 1 in the field of dermato-venereology and corrective dermatology, self-employed from 1999 to 2014,

•       Corrective dermatologist at Esthé clinic Prague 2008 – 2014,

•       Specialist consultant for corrective dermatology, Brandeis clinic 2014,

•       Specialist consultant for corrective dermatology, Esthesia clinic 2014 – 2016,

•       Specialist consultant for corrective dermatology, Laser Esthetic clinic 2016.

•       Specialist consultant for aesthetic  dermatology-professional internship at SMG clinic at Riyadh

•       Specialist consultant for aesthetic dermatology Hospitaliabyyara ,Budaya, Bahrain



•       1997 certificate of course Prague, training of Sclerolaser Candela,

•       1998 course ISIS Laboratoires France, medical peeling,

•       2001 certificate Asclepion course in bio-stimulation and invasive lasers in cosmetics and dermatology,

•     2002 course INCOM Trading Prague, application of injection hyaluronic acid preparations Hylaform and application of collagen implants Zyderm and Zyplast,

•       2005 course Laboratoires Teoxane Geneva application of hyaluronic acid fillings Teosyal,

•       2005 Prague course in malignant melanoma in theory and practice,

•       2006 course Prague application of hyaluronic implants of ranges Surgidem, Surgilips ASKIN and CO,

•       2005 – 2007 instruction course Prague, application of Botulotoxin, certificate, theme of dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic indication of DYSPORT,

•       2007 application course chemical peeling Biomedic LHA – PELL,

•       2008 course application of hyaluronic acid SURGIDEM,

•       2008 certificate of training, aesthetic medicine clinic ESTHÉ, a.s., Prague on use and work with power lasers: CANDELA: Smoothbeam, Alex, Gentle LASE, Vbeam, Medi COM: Maestro, FOTONA Fidelis, Asah Medico Med Art 610 CO2 laser,

•       2012 certificae Prague radio-frequency, Matrix, Syneron,

•       2012 Pracical workshop Medici – H, latest anti-ageing techniques, certificate,

•       2013 certificate of Boca therapy,

•       2014 certificate Lipomassage,

•       2014 certificate of Palomar lasers,

•       2015 certificate of attendance safe and efficient treatment of the low face and platysma,

•       2015 certificate of competence: Smartxide Dol / RF, Syncrho Replay Y, Florence – Italy,

•       2016 Certificate Light Sheer laser,

•       2016 Certificate of PRP,

•       2016 Certificate Teoxane Laboratoires mesotherapy.