Petr Hýža

Plastic Surgeon
He is a member of Plastic surgery association under ČLS JEP, Czech Medical Chamber, GMC – General Medical Council of Great Britain. He is an author of more than 20 publications in reviewed journals, half of them in journals with an impact
factor. He speaks fluent English.
2005 Attestation in the field of plastic surgery, Prague
2001 Attestation in the field of surgery – Level 1
1998 Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University, Brno
since 2012 – Leticia – plastic surgery – aesthetic operations
since 2010 – The highest number of aesthetic surgeries per year in Brno – extensive practical experience
since 2001 – Plastic Surgery Clinic at the St. Anna University Hospital – plastic surgeon
1997 – Brazil – Hospitál Universitario, Juiz de Fora, MG – IFMSA exchange program
2006 – Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
2007 – University of Minnesota and VA Medical Center, Minneapolis, Fulbright fellowship focus on breast reconstruction
Cooperation on the IGA grant project “Functional hand replacement” (2004)
Co-investigator of the IGA grant project “Vasospasms of Microsurgically Transmitted Lobes and Treatment Options” Study “Body-logic”, Study “Quality of Life and Outcome Comparison Between Implant Based Versus Autogenous Breast Reconstruction and Change in Trends of Breast Reconstruction Over the Years in the U of M and VA hospitals”
Education of students of the Faculty of Medicine at MU since 2004, Tutor of a student scientific work, winning work in the surgery category, Education of students of medicine at University of Minnesota within the Fulbright foundation fellowship