Helena Siváková

International Client Coordinator

Originally from Slovakia, Helena has been living in Prague for over a decade now. She graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava, with a focus in marketing and commerce, and has worked in the tourism industry in a variety of positions, including tour guide, conference manager, and event manager.

Helena has always been attracted to foreign cultures and places. She spent four years living in different areas of Southern Europe and, in addition to her native Slovak, speaks English, Czech, and German, with a basic knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. Helena also has a passion for food, books and film and makes a habit of visiting the cinema, at least, once a week.

Given her extensive experience in the field of tourism and her love of exploration and travel, she is well-suited to helping you, not only with coordinating treatment, but also with leisure and gourmet tips to make the best of your stay in the magical city of Prague.

I try to live my life by the words of the Dalai Lama: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.