Janina Petrusková

International Client Coordinator

A keen student of languages, Janina studied tourism and international management at the University of Economics in Prague. She speaks English, German, and Spanish fluently and has begun studying Italian, French, and Catalan as well.

Janina enjoys testing and employing her skill in these languages while travelling around Europe and it is on such trips that she relishes meeting the residents and exploring the native culture—especially the cuisine—of each place she visits.

Since her earliest days at university, Janina has studied and worked in international environments, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and has gained much experience in customer service in the process. She is friendly, communicative, and detail oriented and enjoys helping other people. In recent years, Janina became the mother of two boys and now spends much of her time with her family.

The role of international client coordinator is a new adventure that Janina welcomes, as it combines much of what she likes: speaking in foreign tongues, getting to know new people, and assisting them to achieve their goals—all while sharing with them her beloved home town of Prague.