Michaela Tomanová

Client Coordinator

Michaela studied at a French Lycée in Prague where she passed her baccalaureate, achieving a C1 certificate in the French language. She then went on to study Clinical Nutrition at the First Faculty of Medicine at Prague's renowned Charles University. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and is now studying for her Master’s. 

Michaela loves travelling and meeting people from different cultures. During her studies she worked in several foreign countries, mainly in Europe. She is a fluent English and French speaker and is currently  learning Spanish. Working with Medical Travel gives Michaela the perfect opportunity to combine her experience in health care with her love of tourism and her foreign language skills. In her free time she likes to ski, snowboard, bike, run, hike, dive, swim and play piano. Though not always on the same day! She also enjoys nature-trekking and is a keen follower of the performing arts.