Vojta Eberhart

International Client Coordinator

Vojta has been a student at the Prague Conservatoire since 2013. Starting with the violin at the age of 11, he changed to the viola a year later and continues to play that beautiful instrument to this day.  

Vojta loves all genres of music and enjoys performing for people—especially children. He believes that music affords a depth of expression that mere words could only ever hope for.

He also likes animals of all kinds, motorbikes, and cooking. Always happy to meet new people, he believes that everyone is unique and loves to hear fresh opinions, thoughts, and ideas.


“I want to help you achieve your dreams!”

“I am here to help turn what may seem a frightening and uncertain visit into a pleasant and carefree stay.”

“I'll be your guide throughout your time here, so you can not only feel safe, but enjoy yourself as well.”