November 2016

Medical Tourism in the Czech Republic

The medical tourism sector in Europe is booming with a dramatic increase in recent years of patient travelling abroad to seek treatments, operations and procedures. The most prominent nationals making the trip abroad are the British, the Germans and the Russians with the Czech Republic amongst the most reputed destinations to travel to for medical treatments. The country has seen a rise of foreign patients of between 10% to 15% over recent years and this trend looks set to continue to rise in the future.



When analyzing the data of Czech clinics that undertake medical treatments, it shows that there is a strong demand from foreign women for breast reconstruction surgery and breast augmentation, and indeed it is one of the most popular medical treatments currently being undertaken in the Czech Republic. There is also a growing demand for a wide range of other procedures, including assisted reproduction and IVF, stem cell treatment, bariatric surgery and also gynaecological treatment. Amongst the other procedures that the country is becoming well-renowned for are laser treatment and urinary incontinence. The high levels of quality and care available in the Czech Republic along with the relatively cheaper cost of the procedures will ensure that the Czech Republic will continue to dominate the health tourism field in Europe as an increasing number of Brits, Russians and Germans make the journey.



To break the data down into more detail, the average Czech surgeon performs around 450 operations a year, with very few instances of dissatisfied customers. It is mostly women who are undertaking the procedures with middle-aged women between the ages of 31-50 making up the majority of the clientele. There are more than 10,000 foreign couples currently receiving fertility treatment in the Czech Republic. The number increased dramatically when Czech laws were changed to allow for both donated sperms and donated eggs to be used for assisted production, something that is not legal in many European countries.

The main rival and competitor in terms of the best medical tourism places in Europe is Spain. However, the overall trend has been for patients to come to the Czech Republic now instead of Spain, who was at one time comfortably the most popular location in Europe for medical tourism. This gap has now narrowed dramatically and it seems like only a matter of time before the Czech Republic becomes the number one country for medical tourism in Europe. The industry is extremely lucrative for the country with foreign patients adding 0.5 billion crowns to the state budget last year, according to the Healthy Ministry in the country. They are also spending considerably more than normal tourists and the government has been careful to ensure the continued growth of the industry in the country.