Prague is a magical place, breathtaking in its beauty and deserving of the high position it holds amongst worldwide travel destinations.
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Welcome to the Capital

Prague is a magical place, breathtaking in its beauty and deserving of the high position it holds amongst worldwide travel destinations.

For all it has to offer the tourist (medical or otherwise), it is perhaps the city’s architecture that serves as the biggest draw for the millions who come to explore its streets each year. Prague is unique amongst major European cities in that most of its original structures—which represent around eight different architectural styles—were spared destruction during the Second World War, leaving the city’s exquisite buildings largely intact for future generations.

It also features one of the largest castle complexes in the world and one of the oldest bridges in all of Europe, along with a still-functioning 600-year old astronomical clock and some of the finest beer on the planet. And no matter what direction your artistic tastes be inclined, Prague boasts a long pedigree of home-grown, world-famous talent, from sculptors and composers to great writers (hello, Kafka).

History buffs will find stories from the Bohemian past they have only read about come alive before their very eyes and food lovers’ appetites will be readily slaked by the bounty of local and international cuisine that awaits them.

Of course, as with most great cities, Prague has a character all its own that no manner of words can do justice—an ineffable quality that must be experienced to be appreciated. Fortunately, it’s an experience to be had on the cheap, as the city also remains one of the most affordably-priced destinations in Europe.

Should you come to us for treatment, after or in between the serious business of tending to your medical needs, we would be happy to introduce you to our beloved hometown and open wide the door for you to one of the greatest cities on earth. Get in touch today to learn more.

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Room in the Inn

As one of the oldest art deco structures in all of Prague, K+K Hotel Central sits conveniently in the middle of the Old Town, making it very nearly the perfect jumping-off point for exploring the best bits of the city. Rooms are well-apparelled and comfortable, and an in-house bistro features local, seasonal cuisine with excellent Czech beers and international wines. More on lodging.

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Voices of Medical Travel: Testimonial of the Month

‘After two cycles of IVF in the UK, it became apparent that donor eggs were going to be my best option for a last attempt. After researching clinics in Europe, we decided on Gynem. Their patient care has been first class. Someone is always available to help. Embryo transfer was always a painful process for me before but the doctor was amazing and I didn't feel a thing. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Gynem and would advise anyone to consider this option rather than just sticking with UK clinics. We found the travel no problem, and Prague is easy to get around and a beautiful city.’


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Words to Take With You

‘Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.’

Khalil Gibran

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