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Stem Cell Treatment

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Stem Cell Treatment

Between years 2010 and 2013, International Consortium for Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy (ICCTI, performed a case control study in osteoarthritis patients using SVF cell technology. In the case control study, a total of 1856 joints in 1128 patients with grade 2, 3 and 4 knee and hip Osteoarthritis (53% males, 47% females) were treated.





Patients were followed for 12-54 months and their clinical status was evaluated at different time points by a certified physician. Evaluation of health status included pain evaluation, analgesic drugs usage, grade of limping, stiffness and extent of joint movement.


Pain Evaluation

Grade of pain

0 no pain

1 minor not frequent pain

2 minor frequent pain

3 moderate pain

4 severe pain

5 unbearable pain requiring daily use of painkillers


Usage of Painkillers

Number of painkillers

0 no painkillers

1 1-5 painkiller tablets per week

2 6-15 painkiller tablets per week

3 16-25 painkiller tablets per week

4 more than 25 painkiller tablets per week


Grade of limping

0 no limping

1 less frequent minor limping

2 frequent minor limping

3 moderate limping

4 severe limping

5 impossible to walk


Joint Mobility

Extent of joint mobility

0 no limitation

1 up to 20 % limitation

2 at least 21 % and up to 40 % limitation

3 at least 41 % and up to 60 % limitation

4 at least 61 % and up to 80 % limitation

5 more than 80 % limitation

Joint Stiffness

Grade of joint stiffness

0 no stiffness

1 minor stiffness

2 moderate stiffness

3 serious stiffness

4 severe stiffness

5 impossible to walk


Overall results

A calculation of the overall score is based on 5 parameters (Pain, Usage of Painkillers, Limping, Joint Mobility and Joint Stiffness).

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