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Stem Cell Treatment

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Stem Cell Treatment

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Medical Travel Czech Republic is proud to present a provider of Stem Cell Treatment, Cellthera, Ltd. After 10 years of research they have optimized their own technology for the isolation of adult stem cells from adipose and connective tissue. Cellthera, Ltd. was founded in 2010 and they successfully treated more than 2 500 patients suffering from arthritis, respectively osteoarthritis.

In 2011, Cellthera, Ltd. became a member of the International Consortium for Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy (ICCTI; that brings together internationally recognized experts from more than 30 countries worldwide. Cellthera, Ltd. is also a member of International Cell Medicine Society (ICMS; tissue facility is approved by State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL) for using SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction) cells according to the law 296/2008 Sb.

Jaroslav Michalek

Prof. Dr. Jaroslav Michálek, Ph.D.

Head Doctor at Cellthera clinic

Dr. Michalek is a founder of Cellthera, Ltd. Company and President of International Consortium for Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy (ICCTI). ICCTI organizes annual conferences, workshops and seminars to propagate novel cell based treatment strategies throughout the world. He is a leading scientist and expert in Stem Cell Treatment and with his team they are focusing on innovative treatments using stem cells mainly in orthopedics, neurology, cardiology, oncology and plastic surgery. He combines efforts of many excellent researchers and scientists with real application of stem cells. He speaks fluent English.

Stem Cell team

Ladislav Lukac

Dr Ladislav Lukáč, Ph.D.

Doctor at Cellthera clinic

Dr. Lukac is a highly experienced traumatologist. As one of the firsts in Europe, he started in surgeries with a new generation of hip joints and was a pioneer of new technologies in shoulder joint replacement, where patients achieved a significantly better range of movement of the upper limbs. Operational experience and his interest in issues relating not only to the surgical treatment of joints led him to a new non-surgical treatment of joint inflammation and subsequently to treating forms of arthritis in joints using stem cell treatment. He has acquired experience at the best clinics, several internships abroad as well as workshops and congresses all around the world. He speaks fluent English.

Stem Cell team


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