Alda, Philippines

IVF Egg Donation
November 2019

We have been looking around at many clinics in Kiev, even several places in India. Not one of those clinics gave us a feeling that we had the right clinic. There was always something, the price, the time we had to spend or the time required to stay there but most of all we missed some personal  contact. There was  contact but never in a way Ada or I feels comfortable with. When we started having contact with you we felt at ease and after a few exchanges of mail we felt at ease and decided that we go on with you and your clinic. Everything was clear from the start and looking back there was nothing that was different than told to us. After we arrived in your clinic Ada felt comfortable with you and the rest of the staff. Looking back at everything we don't think there are things you have to change Martina, people want an honest story what they can expect. I think your clinic did this in the right way.

So thanks again.