Amanda, UK

IVF Egg Donation
January 2018

At 37 years old I had one failed attempt of IVF in Edinburgh & two miscarriages from natural conception. From this process I was informed I had low AMH and my best chance of falling pregnant would be to use a donor egg. However as I already have a daughter I was not eligible to join the UK waiting list for a donor & could only have the treatment here if I knew someone willing to donate their eggs. I thought I'd run out of options. Unknown to me at the time my cousin & his fiancé who had had 6 miscarriages had researched all the fertility clinics in Europe & had attended Gynem & were 5 months pregnant with twins using an egg donor when they visited me just after my miscarriage. They spoke so highly of Jana, the clinic & the process that I reached out & emailed Jana to discuss options.


I forwarded my paperwork from here & refreshed some of my tests & after a Skype consultation with Dr Mrazek, Jana sent me donor options to choose from and medications to take. I had to google translate some of the mediations as they were received in Czech but this was a small thing. Jana was so very reassuring & answered all my questions so promptly. I was worried about booking flights so last minute but Jana booked my airport transfers & it all worked out perfectly.


When attending the clinic I found it to be everything my cousins described, new, fresh, welcoming. The staff were lovely & had great English. The embryologist was very informative. The transfer was quick & again the staff seemed caring & helpful.


I am now 9 weeks pregnant & cannot wait to meet this little baby who is making me so reassuringly sick! If something happens and we do not reach 9 months, the embryologists at Gynem have 6 frozen embryos for me to try again (I had no frozen options from the UK).


Comparing the process, drugs used & success rates (& actually cost) I would recommend any couple seeking fertility treatment to come to Gynem rather than the UK. I had asked my UK fertility clinic about using immunosuppressants & they had said no. In the UK I was never offered embryo glue....I used this in Prague & feel this has helped. Gynem seem to have a much more sophisticated process & the success rates were proof enough for me. Already my best friend is hoping to visit Gynem this year to pursue her dream baby.


A massive thank you to all involved xxx