Cindy, UK

IVF Egg Donation
April 2019

Myself and my husband would first of all like to start by saying a very big thank you to Klara from Medical Travel / Gynem. Our first encounter with Klara was one that would leave a lasting impression of grace and generosity. Klara went above and beyond for us in ensuring we had our medication on time, and that we could begin our IVF journey in the month that we wanted. She always instilled confidence in us, and alleviated every anxiety. On such a sensitive fertility journey such as this, we could not have been anymore grateful. Our journey to Prague was a seamless, easy and calm one. We were greeted by the driver organised by Klara, and driven to our five star apartment. The driver was exceptional, and showed us where we could do grocery shopping, the train lines and stations, and also showed us short cuts to the main Prague tourist attractions. 

From our first day in Prague, we felt that we were not just a number, we felt that we were cared for. This is completely different to our experiences of fertility care in London, UK where we are from. As the days progressed, we found the service to be even better than the days before. When Klara was not present, she would always ensure that we were taken care of, and that we knew who our contact for the day was. We would like to use this opportunity to extend our warmest gratitude to Martina also for being there for us. 

Our appointments were always on time, and we never at any point found ourselves 'anxiously waiting'. We were always seem promptly, guided by either Klara or Martina. We were never alone, and always felt in the loop. We were given daily reports on our embryos by Klara and Gynem. Gynem were truly incredible in making our dreams a reality. She celebrated our victories with us in the form of the loveliest words. It was refreshing to see how genuinely happy she and everyone we came in to contact with; was for us.

Our transport was always booked for us and outside our apartment waiting. And, we would received messages from Klara letting us know when they were outside. On our last day in Prague, we were to leave our apartment at 4am as we had an early flight. To our surprise, Klara had also woken herself up at 4am to message us; making sure that we were awake and that we knew the driver was outside. How incredible and selfless that she would sacrifice sleep, to make sure we were taken care of. The care we received from Klara, Medical Travel and Gynem was truly, truly 24hour care.

To ensure our safely, Klara would also always tell us the colour of the car/taxi picking us up. There were no mistakes. And the attention to detail and those little things made us feel very safe in a foreign land.

Throughout our treatment, every question I had was answered. Every anxiety i had was calmed. And even when we returned to London, I felt comfortable asking Klara questions, and she would always promptly reply with detail. There was no question that was too big or too small.

We would once again like to say a major thank you to everyone involved in our care. Our experience receiving fertility treatment at Gynem was one that we would never forget.

Thank you also to all the doctors, embryologists, nurses, care workers, cleaners, assistants, receptionist, phlebotomists, lab workers and Medical Travel. You all are changing lives.