Elena, Germany

IVF Egg Donation
December 2019

After two unsuccessful IUI and failed IVF in Germany my doctor advised us to look for a fertility clinic abroad mainly for financial reason. Our choice fell on the Czech Republic where we could be in a few hours drive.  I did some research online and soon have found GYNEM. As I went through the website looking at stories and pictures I had a good feeling and decided not to spend time searching or comparing clinics any further.  

I have realised that for the same amount of money we have paid in Germany for IVF in GYNEM we could get necessary (in our case) extra options like ICSI and EmbryoScope. Plus the medications turned out less expensive.  Without delay, I wrote to live chat and had a prompt response from Marie, our future international coordinator. Everything was clear and easy. We made first appointment and within two weeks arrived at the clinic. GYNEM have met my best expectations  - beautiful modern building, friendly staff and our very helpful Marie who was with us from the first day throughout the whole journey. Couples who went through IVF know how difficult it is to combine work and visits to the doctors, even in their own country. But with the help of Marie, we were able to do everything on time between the two countries. She quickly and professionally answered all my emails, scheduled our appointments and always supported me in my worries. I am very grateful to her, as well as to all doctors and nurses. They are a wonderful team who give hope to many people.  Surely, I would highly recommend this clinic to someone who is looking for IVF options abroad.