Florence, UK

IVF Egg Donation
October 2019

We would like to extend our special thanks and appreciation to all staff at Gynem fertility clinic.

Our journey towards expanding our family was made so relaxed and easy going by Janina, the international client coordinator, she ensured that we were well informed at all times this was made easy by the prompt emails. She ensured that the whole programme was well organised by arranging airport pickups hotel stay, and also provided information about the hotel surroundings in case we needed anything. We were so relaxed during the programme which was meant to be stressful because, we knew that Janina always had our backs. Even the times we arrived at the airport after midnight there was always a taxi waiting for us, and a  hotel room prepared.

All the staffs at the clinic were very professional, so friendly, and always eager to help. Everyone was so thorough and very knowledgeable in their respective departments. Dr Mrazek that saw, us initially was so empathetic and very kind. Dr Vlcek, who attended to us on the second visit was also very thorough and explained the procedures clearly. We found the staff very kind and empathetic.

Dr Tomas Rieger, the embryologist, was amazing gave daily feedback about the embryo development which we received via Janina. He knew his stuff, very thorough and gave us further information on the day that we met him, in regard to the transfer. Dr Zuzana Adamova, ensured that the embryo transfer was carried out with great ease, explained every step, as well as ensure that my dignity and privacy was maintained at all times.

Maria the receptionist was always welcoming and always made sure we were comfortable as we waited for the appointment. Nurse Petra, always administered the injections with lot of ease and calmness, and with great skill. I would highly recommend Gynem clinic to everyone. The brand new and pristine building, very clean and well organized, provides a relaxed atmosphere keeping at ease as you embark on the fertility journey.