Jolana, CAN

IVF Egg Donation
October 2017

I LOVED my care and was extremely happy with my choice.

I loved having a co-ordinator (Janina)  to ask questions to all along the way - this was the absolute BEST part of the process.  It was like a supportive person holding your hand on a new journey.

The medical care was exceptional, efficient and fast.  Everyone was friendly.

I also enjoyed having a consultation with the embryologist.  I really appreciated this opportunity.

My only recommendation would be to only contract hotels that have a reception there or nearby - for example The Red Lion 65$ EURO for large room with 2 beds - amazing comfy room - there is a hotel reception across the street - staffed 24/7 as "things happen".  We don't have any door locks like the one that was on my hotel door (#39 Neurodova) in my country - the trick - you turn key to left, pull a knob while turning the key further, then push knob in.  As a result - I could not get back into my hotel room the night of my medical procedure.  I was so tired and scared and had to ask strangers to help me until a man agreed.  If there was a reception with a person there - I would have felt safer and any problems would be sorted out quickly and directly with the hotel.  I was worried that asking a man to help with my door - he would get the wrong impression.  It was very awkward.

It's NOT the fault of the lady cleaner who was rushed to meet me when Dr. Mzarek's son met me - to quickly clean the room.  She worked as fast and hard as possible - but there were many flies in the kitchen that we could not get rid of so the flies stayed with Dr. Mzarek's son gave me money for my taxi and apologized and I really appreciated that.  He did show me how to get in the hotel (trick door).  Unfortunately - I wasn't able to successfully open the door later that night.  If you MUST use that door - I recommend the tenant opens the door 3 times - before someone is sure they can open it on their own.

There was another problem with having no hotel reception and that was that I didn't have the option of a "wake up call" - to be sure I woke up for my flight.  I travelled many miles by foot to find an alarm clock.  When I returned - the one I bought did not work, it was defective but I was too tired to go across the river walking 1 hour there, 1 hour back and I knew that was the last alarm clock in the store - so I had to hope I would wake up to catch my flight - which I did.  The non-European plugs use different electric outlets so you couldn't suggest people bring an alarm clock (non-European clients).

I also think it's too much responsibility for the coordinators (like yourself) to sort out these kinds of problems.  I would like Dr. Mzarek to know I LOVED the care I received but just think there should be a hotel reception to sort out hotel problems as co-ordinators are only human as well and need time off to be with their families after the work day is complete.  I walked around to many hotels (4) and they were all fully booked.  One said they have 15 hotels in Prague and the other 14 were also fully booked.  Staff (Ivan, Robert, Eugene) at The Red Lion hotel - felt sorry for me sitting on the street two days in a row and they helped me as they could - out of the goodness of their hearts.  They organized a room for me somehow even though they were fully booked - but just one night as they were fully booked for the week.  A waiter Marek at the Pizza/Pasta restaurant also felt sorry for me twice seeing me wait hours on the street - and let me use his phone and sit in the restaurant for many hours.  Janina was really trying hard but no one was picking up their phone.

Please know I would walk through fire for a baby - so none of this really bothered me.  We are super excited and hopeful that we will have good news next week and will let you know asap ;-)

Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.