Loretta, Romania

IVF Egg Donation
March 2019

Gynem was recommended by a friend. Of course, we searched the net to get some information about Gynem. Most of them were positive. So we decided to go ahead.

We called Gynem and Zita responded to our phone call. She explained us step by step what we had to do. We understood everything what she explained, very well.

We had no experience with Gynem directly but due to my business relation with some Czech companies, I already knew that the Czech Republic is very developed country on technical issues and Czech people are very serious and trustable people. 

Our first visit to Gynem went very smooth. We were picked up from the airport by a car sent by Gynem. Zita welcomed us and arranged our visit to the doctors. Meanwhile, our tests and scan were done and we had the result in just an hour. Our impression was very positive. A modern, well-equipped clinic with professional doctors and staff.  Once again, we decided to go ahead.

During our treatment period in our home country, Zita was always very helpful. She responded to all our telephone calls and emails on time. She sent us all the necessary medication whenever we needed them within a couple of days.

Our second visit to Gynem went as well as our first visit. Smoothly and professional. The embryo transfer was made with success without any complications.

As a result, we are now pregnant with 5 weeks and hope that everything will continue to go well.

We had a very pleasant and positive experience with Gynem and we sincerely recommend Gynem to all couples.

We would like to thank again Gynem and specially Zita for everything.