Mr & Mrs Watson, UK

IVF Egg Donation
August 2015

Choosing Gynem Fertility Abroad is the best decision we have done. First, we did a lot of research and compare UK clinics to clinics abroad. It turned out that Gynem Prague ticked all the boxes. One of the main reason we choose this clinic is the success rate and the credentials of Dr Milan Mrazek.

The clinic is spot on. Very clean and tidy, and all facilities and equipment are superb. When we first met Dr Mrazek it gave us more confidence to go for it. He is kind and very professional. Jana Poupe our representative is also very good and answers all our questions. We exchanged a lot of emails and asked too many questions, and she answered it all promptly.

The whole of the team Gynem is very friendly and professional and the clinic itself is very impressive. We are very satisfied with the service. It's excellent.

We are having a positive result now but also thinking of doing it again in the future for more children.

We highly recommend Gynem Fertility in Prague. Travel was so easy plus we enjoyed exploring the beautiful city of Prague. Thank you so much to all involved in the program.