Olivia, Canada

IVF Egg Donation
September 2015

I highly recommend Gynem Clinic/Medical Travel, it exceeded my expectations.  I was nervous at first to travel to Czech Republic for treatment, but after two failed attempts in Canada, it was my next best affordable option.  My first contact was with Medical Travel and my coordinator Jana was truly excellent! She responded kindly and quickly to all my emails and answered every one of my questions. She made me feel very comfortable and confident about traveling to Prague. I was very impressive with the clinic, it was professional and modern, and the staff spoke English and were very friendly. There were no surprises or extra fees, it was truly the best decision I made. I was kept update throughout the whole process of embryo development and was lucky to have 5 great embryos on day 5. We transferred two excellent quality embryos and froze three. I am pleased to say I am 5 weeks pregnant!