Sarah, UK

IVF Egg Donation
January 2018

We have had a very positive experience with Richard at Medical Travel and Gynem clinic.  Richard was very helpful with our initial queries on Gynem as a clinic and did not come across as pushy.  He provided the right level of information to us which was very helpful.

The medications were sent to me quickly through the post.  We were happy with the cost of the treatment and this is part of the reason that we decided to have treatment in Prague. We were always able to get hold of him and he responded to our e-mails in a timely fashion. 

In terms of the clinic – we were very pleased with the process, the clinic was very clean and everyone that we met with were very helpful and professional and caring. Richard spent a lot of time with me when I attended the clinic for the transfer and put me at ease.  He also talked through in detail the medications that I would need to take. We have had a positive result from the process and hope that that continues.

The only thing I would say and this is more aimed at Gynem than Medical Travel – is that 4 of our donors dropped out during the process.  They were all for very different reasons and I understand that much of that was out of the clinics control – however it did cause a lot of stress for us and it made me wonder how rigorous Gynem were in the screening process to ensure that the donors were (a) committed and (b) contacted regularly to ensure that they still wanted to be donors.

That said – Richard was very good at keeping us updated and went out of his way to ensure we had replacement donors and obviously this has worked out well for us in the end.