Aneta, Ireland

Plastic Surgery
August 2017

I have left the clinic around 10.30 yesterday. My experience was quite positive. The medical team was so friendly! When I hit the wall of pain they didn't spare their drugs on me. I am trying to get as much rest as possible before going back. I don't look or feel my best at the moment but I truly believe it will be all worth it at the end...

I took metro home as I got familiar with it beforehand 5 minutes journey wasn't too demanding. I am really looking forward to the final result. I believe it will have a big impact on my life... On how I perceive and carry myself... So I think the best is yet to come.  I would like to thank you for very warm welcome. You have lovely personality and I wish you all the best in the future! It’s very possible that I will be coming back next year for at least one more procedure to my face. All in God's hands! Thank You once more!!!