Angela, Denmark

Plastic Surgery
January 2019

Hope all is well in Prague smiley I am recovering pretty fast, the bruises are gone, just a little puffiness left, thought I would leave feedback now as I can see a bit better:
I was very satisfied with Medical Travels assistance throughout the whole process of making initial contact, choosing the right surgeon for my operation, setting up the date and during my stay in Prague. 
Dr Vašek performed a perfectly neat operation (face and neck lift + blepharoplasty) and his staff were very attentive during the 2 following days post op.
Marie, my contact, did an excellent job, which exceeded what could be expected. The communication was prompt and straight forward. After being discharged from the clinic I stayed a few days alone in the hotel and Marie was very helpful, she came to visit me several times and was checking up on me regularly on the phone, that made me feel safe. 
Overall the whole experience was smooth and easy, put aside the recovery, which is the least pleasant part and takes its time.