Anita, Norway

Plastic Surgery
December 2018

So far, I'm extremely happy. I have no idea how the surgery will turn out as my face is very swollen but the way I've been treated and looked after has been exceptional. The last thing I heard in the operating theatre before becoming unconscious was Elvis Presley playing loudly on the radio. Ha! Not conventional but I enjoyed that a lot! When the nurse and anesthesiologist where wheeling another patient into my room after her surgery, I heard them singing 'We are the Champions' and 'Barbie Girl'. They obviously enjoy their work. I really enjoyed the vibe in the clinic. All the staff were attentive and professional!

I wanted to extend my stay at Capital Apartments but they were fully booked. They went out of their way to find me another place to stay. Super appreciative of all the wonderful people I've met. I have a feeling I'll be back again!