Anne, UK - Permalip

Plastic Surgery
July 2016

I came across this procedure by accident, I had recently other procedure and it made me think about also getting my lips enhanced. Whilst researching fillers I came across the permalip procedure, I really liked the idea that it was permanent & that regular painful & costly top ups would not be needed.

I had breast implants abroad 4 yrs ago and had a really good experience so I started looking at clinics in Europe that offered Permalip.

I chose a clinic in Prague and booked flights & a hotel. 

The clinic was outstanding in every way.

I had a consultation the day before the procedure. I was picked up in a taxi at my hotel & taken to the clinic. My first impressions of the clinic were that it was immaculately clean, modern & welcoming.

A very kind & professional nurse gently took a variety of bloods & checked me over. I then had a consultation with the surgeon during which all my questions were answered, there was no rush. I was given lots of info & consent forms to take away, read & sign. We discussed size, he felt small would be better but I pushed for 5 lower & 4 upper as I was aware that the biggest complaint following this procedure is that the effect is too subtle, he said he had all sizes, togo away and have a think about it & tell him my decision in the morning. 

He explained that I would meet the anaethetist in the morning & that she is a consultant, formerly head of a huge hospital & speaks fluent English.

The following morning I arrived to the clinic at 8am by taxi. The nurse showed me into a private hospital room where there was a gown, stockings & fluffy white slippers laid out for me. She helped me into the gown etc then made me comfortable on the bed. The room was absolutely lovely, a proper hospital bed & room with all the equip but painted lilac with a big soft white duvet on the bed. The hospital gown was crisp, fresh & new as were the slippers.

The anaethetist came in to meet me and she was absolutely lovely, very jolly, professional & reassuring. I explained to her that I was a scaredy cat - literally have no pain threshold, scared of needles etc. This is a little ironic as I'm a trauma nurse in Accident & Emergency. I work in a major trauma centre with a helicopter so Im regularly involved in some of the goriest stuff imaginable - code reds etc as well as day to day stuff like taking bloods, suturing. Im fine doing all these things but literally faint if I have my own bloods taken. I can only compare it to car sickness - if someones driving they are fine but if they're in the back/observing they feel wretched. Anyway the anaethetist was very understanding, she said she wasnt great with pain/needles herself. She explained what would happen (ie she would put a cannula then admininster anaesthetic) The nurse gave me a pre med, then I had a nice little mini snooze on my bed. Shortly after I was taken to the operating room, everyone was so nice & reassuring, the surgeon gave my hand a little squeeze & smiled. The anaethetist was chatty & smiling, asked me if it felt odd being a patient (which it did!) They then put the cannula in & administered the anaesthetic. I don't remember anything after that until I woke up in the room with avery sweet nurse looking after me. 

I had a bag of hartmans infusing through my cannula, she also administered pain relief intravenously. She regularly put cold compresses which was so nice as I just dozed. My pain and comfort was so well managed. The nurse looked after me in my private room for 5 hours post op, helping me to the toilet, giving me water & topping up my pain relief. She was an absolute angel. She even dressed me when it was time to go & called me a cab. I had no pain, no bruising & minimal swelling and I can only put this down to the outstanding care I received.

I'll pop some photos up, I had the procedure on Thurs at 8am its now Sunday afternoon. I have no bruising, minimal swelling & my lips are starting to look gorgeous.

The only thing I would say is the cost worked out quite expensive in the end. I was quoted £2000 to have the procedure done by Dr NG in Harley Street. I paid 1500 euro in Prague, which once flights & hotel etc were added came to almost the same. However I had a few fabulous days in Prague, went on river cruises & saw The Proms - also the level of care - consultant anaethetist, private room, private nurse, all the meds - was simply outstanding.


Dr Samudovsky - Outstanding. The Nurse, the Anaethetist & the Surgeon were all professional, warm & gentle. Wonderful care.