Azhar, UK

Plastic Surgery
September 2018

I’m back in Manchester and I feel so much better. I would like to thank you again for everything you did, you were wonderful. 

I have written some feedback below. I hope this is ok? If you need anything further then please let me know. From the moment I contacted Medical Travel Czech I was assisted by Hana who was amazing. She was very informative, helpful and empathetic. Hana responded promptly to all of my questions and I feel she went above and beyond in doing her job. 

Hana arranged for me to be picked up from the airport and taken to my hotel. She also arranged transport to the hospital where I was welcomed by her colleague, Marie. Marie was lovely and she explained what was going to happen next and who I would be seen by etc.

I had my pre-op and then my consultation with Dr Vasek. Dr Vasek was very nice and he seemed to know what he was talking about. He could tell just by looking at my nose what the issues were with it. The only thing I would have liked would have been a more in depth consultation where I could have gone into more detail about what I wanted. I wanted to show pictures of my desired look. 

I then had a physical check with another doctor who was very thorough and made me feel welcome and listened to. The nurses then took me to get ready for my operation. They were lovely, very helpful and welcoming.

After my operation the nurses were fantastic. They really looked after me. Dr Vasek came to check on me later that day and again the next morning to remove the packing in my nose. The nurses helped clean me up, gave me an aftercare package and explained what I needed to do. They arranged transport back to my hotel. 


Hana contacted me that same day to see how I was. I can honestly say that she helped me get through the worst part. I was very emotional after the operation and was alone in Prague. Hana was very supportive and even gave me details of the local supermarket and sight seeing spots that I could see if and when I felt up to it. Hana is truly an asset to Medical Travel Czech and I would recommend her services to anyone. 


I cannot thank her enough for making a very daunting process miles better than what it would have been without her help.


In terms of my satisfaction regarding the procedure (septorhinoplasty) I am unable to comment on this as I am yet to see the results. 

I still have my cast on and the bruising is quite bad. It is not very painful but my head feels very blocked (like I have a cold). 

It’s very hard to wash my face properly and I really want to blow my nose but I can’t. 


I’d say the worst part about the whole experience is how I feel emotionally.

The best part was, by far, Hana.