Carrissa and Randy, Trinidad

Plastic Surgery
January 2019

All is going well thus far post Lipo. 

It was truly a great experience having you there with us. We had some fears and doubts initially but after having you there with us through the consultation with the doctor, it was all better. 

The experience with Dr Sulcova was certainly a one of a kind experience. Her facility made us feel at home. Her together with her team and especially one of her nurses (can’t recall her name) who held my hand during surgery and was there making sure my husband and I drank our tea and checked our vitals regularly. 

It was certainly worth every penny. It’s that one on one attention that people look for when they have to do these kinds of surgeries and that’s what you all did for me and my husband. My husband and I would certainly recommend you as a coordinator and Dr Sulcova. 

We want to thank you so much for putting things in place at the last minute in literally less than a week. 

Thank you, Dr Sulcova and her team so much.