Daulyne, UK

Plastic Surgery
December 2014

From the moment we were introduced on the Wednesday morning the service and manner from the staff was excellent. The pre-op services provided by the local women's clinic was fast and professional. On returning to the Brandeis Clinic I was made to feel very relaxed both by the excellent Dr Payer and the anaesthetist. Their manner and professionalism made me feel at ease. I was taken to my room from where the nurses again helped me to relax and prepare for the upcoming surgery. I was taken through for surgery within half an hour and the whole procedure took around two hours with a further hour for waking up time from the general anaesthetic. There was a full and professional care service provided by the nurses throughout the night ensuring that on medication was available whenever I needed it. The next morning I awoke to slight pain but that was soon remedied by the pain medication. Dr Payer carried out his rounds and was very happy with the procedure and I was, and am very pleased with the final result. I was able to leave the clinic by 10am on the Thursday so the whole process took around 24 hours. I am very happy with the service and procedures undertaken by the Brandeis clinic and its staff and would recommend their services to anyone considering breast augmentation surgery in the future.