Faizal, UK

Plastic Surgery
January 2020

Happy new year!  Sorry I wasn't in touch for a little while. Once I got to England I kinda switched off from the Czech rep, but I'm back now as of this week, so I've got a bit of feedback for you about the process.

The process was actually nice and straightforward, from the moment I spoke to you I found the information very clear and helpful and felt pretty comfortable to proceed. I like the way you have always been available throughout the process and have followed up to make sure I am ok afterwards. I was happy with the service you gave me, and believe me I would not have proceeded if I wasn't.

The Clinic was very clean and nice and I found all the staff to be very professional and friendly and I felt very comfortable during my stay. So far the recovery has been quite tough but most of the bruising has gone, just still some swelling but apparently this can take quite a while to go.  At the moment I'm not too happy with the result but I am hoping it's because of the swelling and in time it will settle down. 

Dr Vasek explained that I was bleeding a lot during the operation and I'm not entirely sure if this affected the result.  At the moment I am about 25% happy with the improvement and I hope it will be more. I wonder if I wasn't clear enough about what I was expecting. I guess I may need a follow up with Dr Vasek to explain my fears, but I was waiting for some time until the swelling goes down a bit, to get a truer picture of the result. As I say it was a pleasure to meet you Hana and you did a good job, I'm just hoping the end result will be good.