Florence, UK

Plastic Surgery
May 2017

I used Medical Travel Services recently for a cosmetic procedure in Prague. I was very happy with the service they provided, especially my co-ordinator Zita who took care of me during my week in Prague. It is not easy taking the step to go abroad for surgery but everything went very smoothly from the pick-up at the airport, to the introduction to the clinic. The clinic was clean and comfortable and the operating room was as good as any I have seen before. The nursing staff were great as was everyone I met, helpful, courteous that aided to smooth my rattled nerves. I'll admit I was really apprehensive about the whole thing, sometimes scared silly, but everything went smoothly and I did not feel I was alone because I was able to make contact easily with Zita and the clinic staff should I have needed it. Zita helped me get some food shopping done before the op and after it brought me some anti-histamines when I needed them. All in all a great experience and I will definitely be back.