Gary, UK

Plastic Surgery
June 2016

Yes all went well with the procedure but I didn't enjoy being awake for it, I would recommend a general anaesthetic to others. I think being picked up from the airport and you meeting me the next morning really helps take the stress away whenarriving in another country and not knowing where you need to go so definitely keep this up. After the operation you just want to lie down and relax so for me to have to walk through Prague to my hotel especially while my eyes were streaming was frustrating so I think a night in the hospital would be a really good idea. I found the hospital immaculately clean, and all the staff there very professional and friendly. It was very important that I understood the staff at the hospital so the fact that they spoke good English was great. Dr Vasek explained things very thoroughly to me but I wasn't expecting to be so swollen and bruised as I am so I think this is something that could be explained too so people don't worry if it happens. So I would definitely recommend your company and the hospital to others. Obviously it's too early to say how well the procedure has worked but I will keep you posted.  Thank you for all your help and your quick responses to my many emails.