Gemma, UK

Plastic Surgery
October 2018

I’m very well, thank you and hope you are too.

I had an overall fantastic time in Prague (and Czech Republic in general - I had a chance to travel a bit further around after my surgery and visited a lot of different places!) and would like to thank you for your help throughout my stay.

To answer your questions; the main reason I chose Medical Travel was because, even though I had done plenty of research on my own, I had no idea how to choose a surgeon or even describe what I needed - being able to work with you and letting you establish the contacts/ introduce the right surgeon was so much help. Also, as a lone traveller it was very reassuring to have a contact in Prague, should I have needed help with anything (like with the taxi!).

Everybody at Forme was lovely and really helpful - they made the process stress-free and Dr Vasek has done an amazing job, I would highly recommend Medical Travel and Forme clinic to anyone looking to have surgery abroad - it was exactly the help that I needed. Many thanks again and all the best!