Georgina, UK

Plastic Surgery
October 2015

I recently came to Prague from Surrey, England to have a breast enlargement on 31/09/15 at Forme clinic by Dr Toriskova. My dad came with me as my chaperone and we thought Prague was very beautiful. The night before my operation I was slightly worried as my emails were not working and I had not been in contact with anyone from the clinic to confirm a collection time for me. It was 8.30pm by the time I heard from Erika my coordinator. I loved the fact that we were picked up from the airport and that I was picked up from my hotel for surgery and delivered back. Erika picked me up from my hotel first thing in the morning and as soon as I met her I felt a lot more at ease. She is lovely and made me feel comforted about the procedure. The clinic was very clinical! And comfortable. The staff were lovely. I found Dr Toriskova quite forceful with her opinions but went against her recommendation to have a breast lift and augmentation. I thought the procedure was carried out very quickly and professionally and pain was minimal. my recovery seems to have been very quick and painless and am pleased to have been able to be back to myself (looking after my children, driving) after 1 week. The whole experience was made 10x nicer just having Erika to answer to all my questions and she is still in contact checking all is well with me. I am very happy with my choice of clinic and over the moon with my new boobs!