Judy, UK

Plastic Surgery
June 2014

What started off as a stressful start to my trip, having missed my flight, was gradually ameliorated by the overall enjoyable stay & experience I had in Prague.

Firstly, the operation went smoothly and the extremely helpful post-op services rendered by the Clinic team made the recovery process much less intimidating than I originally expected.

Dr Petr Vasek was very friendly and patient, and so were all his staff members!
I would definitely recommend Clinic to anyone seeking First-Class treatment from a World-Class professional at a very affordable rate. Plus, getting affordable accommodation near the clinic is easy, with several choices to choose from.

Secondly, Prague is indeed a beautiful city to explore, with plenty of medieval old-towns, castles/palaces to visit and I was immensely drawn to the St Wenceslas Statue near the clinic. I would most certainly consider returning to Clinic in future should I see the need for further touch-ups.

Lastly, thanks so much Anna for helping me liaise with the clinic when I was in a limbo after missing my flight!
I guess, without your help, I might not have been able to make it to Prague on that date at all!  Thanks lots!