Lola, UK

Plastic Surgery
March 2017

I just came from Prague, and I have to tell that I have enjoyed the whole process from start to finish. Richard was great, he organised everything through email; information about hospital, doctors, procedure and cost. Basically you already know how much you are going to spend and no more extra cost, which is half of the amount you spend here in UK.

First, I booked my ticket and flew to Prague. The driver was already waiting for me in airport, then we went to clinic with Richard. He was very helpful to calm me down.

Dr Payer was amazing, he is one of the intelligent doctors I have ever met (I am from doctors family and work in health related field), he explained me in what area of my body needed to be treated and what areas is not, even I am willing to pay extra for areas. The operation was under general anaesthesia and I woke up in a modern room with new generation facilities. The nurses were like an angels, trust me, here we use to it with their bossy attitude. I cannot describe enough how much I enjoyed and all went so fast and perfect. I strongly recommend the Dr Payer and the clinic. Whoever wants to do liposuction or other kinds of operations please do not hesitate at all! It took me only three days in whole process and half of amount of I could pay in UK. I am so happy with the results even I am not fully recovered.