Luljana, UK

Plastic Surgery
December 2013

Hello from England,

Post-op everything fantastic, i have started exercising slowly, had a very wonderful new year, lots of people lots of happiness, i hope u had the same.

After a long journey finding the right place were to have my surgery, i decided to go with Medical Travel,  after having 4 pregnancies whatever i did was impossible to have the tummy i had before had, after talking with Jana the International client representative i was very happy with everything that i asked and i was replied back, October 26 was the day of my op, coming from London with my family to support me was wonderful, i had a little look of the fantastic Prague, and definitely i will go back again, Jana is a lovely lady and she even helped me during out of hours work, surgeon was fantastic, a lovely strict man which i was very comfortable with, surgery went smooth, surgery up to the standards very polite English speaking people, a had a change of life i can say, the people i meet in Prague changed my life for ever. Prices fantastic, welcoming fantastic, i don't have words to describe the lovely experience i had in Prague and my family as well. Overall very very happy, i did recommend my sister as well, she will be in Prague in February. Going there and having surgery done has changed my life forever. I do recommend Medical Travel because they make people feel at home don't matter where u are from, thanks again i was born for the second time i can say. I wish u all the best, and i wish everyone that has a surgery feels the same as i do now!