Matthew, UK

Plastic Surgery
January 2014

I’ve wanted Gynecomastia surgery for years and I finally plucked up the courage to go ahead with the operation. After months of researching my options I finally decided to use Medical Travel Czech. I was slightly nervous about getting surgery abroad because I am from the UK, I asked a lot of questions firstly by email, all to which were answered by Richard in a very professionally and timely manner, this gave me a lot a confidence in their service and alleviated a lot of concern.

The next step was to pay a small deposit (€400) by bank transfer and complete a health application form so they understand any existing problems; the deposit was to guarantee my date in the clinic. The overall operation cost €1775 (under £1500) – I had quotes in UK of over £4500! So you do the maths. This price included airport pickup, one night stay in hotel plus breakfast and dinner the next day, plus your medication post-surgery and the compression garment. Richard from Medical Travel recommended a new clinic and provided me with the clinic details and the website so I could view myself.

When I arrived in Prague Medical Travel the taxi was there on time and took me straight to the clinic. Upon arriving in the clinic I could immediately see it was very modern and clean, the manager Maria was very helpful and spoke very good English, she helped me with my forms and made me feel comfortable. I found all staff were very friendly, helpful and informative which really helps you to relax.

I then met the head nurse Jana, who conducted the pre-operative tests, again she was very friendly and spoke English, she talked me through what she was doing and everything was carried out in a professional manner. The room I stayed in was modern and clean, you have a wardrobe with a key to lock away valuables but luckily I didn’t have to share a room so it wasn’t required, I had my own shower room and toilet which comes in handy.

I was then given some “sexy” stockings and underpants to wear before the surgery by Olga one of the nurses, we had a little giggle over the funny clothing but its required for surgery. I then met the anaesthetist and Dr who both gave me info about the surgery and asked if I had any questions, also met another Doctor who went through my questionnaire with me, to ensure everything I had answered was understood.  Again, they were all very friendly, professional and informative.

After the surgery I remember Eva coming in every so often to check my blood pressure and to feed me medication, this also made me feel like I was being treated professionally, frequent visits were made to check to see how I was.

The morning after Olga came in and took readings and measured blood pressure and gave me meds etc, she really looked after me that day, she brought me breakfast, dinner (meals were great) and kept asking if I wanted a drink throughout the day, she even brought me in a little portable DVD player which was lovely because you are on your own for quite some time. So Olga, if you are reading thank you very much for looking after me!

So finally my time in the clinic was coming to an end, Dr met with me again and asked how I was doing and answered all my questions, he took the bandages off to show me the results, I could instantly see the difference and I was VERY pleased, the cut had been done following the circumference of my nipple so when it heals it will be barely noticeable, Dr explained how to treat my wounds and how to leave the stitches alone and how to take the meds, we shook hands smiling and he left.

Olga then came in and said goodbye and gave me a little pack which included instructions of frequency of medications and what to do with the bandages and strips etc, she even helped me pack my bag (bless her) and before leaving Maria asked me to write in their book and offered to get me a taxi whilst we finished off with the paperwork.

Overall my experience was fantastic, I was really nervous at first but the whole process worked seamlessly and I couldn’t have asked for better treatment. The whole team were fantastic and I highly recommend the clinic and the Medical Travel Czech group for helping succeed in my life changing procedure.

Thank you Richard Kvech for arranging my trip and thank you Dr and the clinic staff for changing my life!