Richard, UK

Plastic Surgery
December 2018

So far, although only a week later I am happy with the results, although I was a little bit worried, I was able to return to the clinic to be reassured. Hopefully, everything will heal as it should in time.
Jessica was really helpful and thoughtful in arranging my visit to the clinic and my accommodation in Prague. I really loved the quick tour she was able to give me any pointers for things to do. The surgery was very smooth and professional. My hotel was great and very close to the clinic, however very difficult for taxi access, but perhaps for someone with a proper in-house restaurant may mean they can recover without having to walk around. Transport is good in the city but after a procedure, it is not ideal.

Jessica again wisely warned me of traffic rush hour times that can delay transit to and from the airport. I realise this can depend on the co-ordinators personal commitments but in an ideal world I would meet the person I have arranged with at the airport! She spoke such good English and had a great manner for me this would have been ideal, and of course to say goodbye.