Rob, Belgium

Plastic Surgery
July 2020

Everything is perfect. The swelling is slowly going down, I am still wearing the garment, but I think I can wear it only night time after 2 weeks?  The bruises are practically gone, so in the end this is a treatment with very few discomfort or side effects.

The clinic sent me the report of the blood tests which were all fine. The stitches are dissolvable, so no problem there.

I will take the advice and wear the garment for 6 six weeks, but this will be a struggle. In certain situations, it is a little bit annoying but ok. But each day happier and happier with the result, wow, my waistline is back, and belly gone, and this after 2 weeks, with some swelling still there, I guess. So 1300 ml must have been enough. This doctor did a good job, and was kind, so was everybody in the clinic.  Really satisfied.

I went to my doctor concerning the high blood pressure. He measured again and it was 14 /8,5 which was not alarming to him and also lower than in Prague.

I still have to be patient to see more results, new contour is already emerging, but I hope the effect will be more prominent are some time.

I think the treatment in this clinic was very professional, kind and discreet. The food and room was superb, they make you really feel at ease.

You as a guide was really really nice, I enjoyed our little walk in town and made me feel as ease in beautiful Prague.  

In future, don’t know if I will have some treatment. I don t think so, I definitely would turn to your group.

Oh yeah, the Botox in forehead and frown lines is setting in and made the area there smooth and without wrinkles that’s the way I like it.

The transfer from airport to hotel   and hotel to clinic was very much appreciated.

Very kind regards and good luck.