Selina, UK

Plastic Surgery
May 2017

I have been in contact with Alena Toncarová (representative from Travel medical since 1month (March 2017) regarding to my surgery on 3rd may 2017 . Alena is always prompt with all her replies exact & thorough. She always answer to all my pre-Op/post Op questions & Due to her prompt reply, it actually persuaded me to pursue & feels rather comfortable with her professionalism. She accompanied me to the clinic & arranged transportation (back & forth) to/from the airport. It is a great way as I was travelling on my own. Initially, it was for a mini tummy tuck with Dr Musilova from Brandeis who after reading some reviews with her long term of experiences & simply I find her rather trustworthy. I've decided to do my eyelid surgery (hooded droopy eye) same time. All went perfectly well. Thank you Travel medicine for assisting me on this journey on my own. Would strongly recommend Travel Medical.