Sharon, Australia

Plastic Surgery
October 2019

Arrived home safe and sound. Loved your city and was out enjoying all the sights four days after surgery, looking a bit of a sight but no-one took much notice. I was going to write and thank you for your help in arranging everything for me. I don’t think there is much more you could do for your clients. 

We were very impressed with the company you use for airport pickups.  We didn’t arrive until 3.30am and would have excused anyone from not being there, especially when we were supposed to arrive at 9.30. They must have monitored our flight and still had someone there at 3.30, which was very welcome.

All throughout the process you were very prompt in answering my emails and forwarding information. Dr. Vasek and his clinic were great.  I had done my own research on him and his clinic, but still you never know until you get there and meet the people. The nursing staff and facilities at Forme were second to none and I don’t think I could have found a more caring and professional team. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them. I am very happy with the outcome, he took “ten years off, at least”.  The bruising and swelling are subsiding now so I can see the result.

You were very professional and caring in your interaction with myself and Graeme and he was very thankful for your help with his mobile phone. Don’t change anything, the whole process was painless and went smoothly from start to finish. Keep my name and number and if you make it down to Australia in the future give me a call. It was lovely meeting you and best wishes.

Regards, Sharon