Sophia, GER

Plastic Surgery
September 2017

I really appreciate the help of medical czech. You always replied quickly on the emails and also in the night and weekends, which I am normally not used to. Also the pickup at the hotel the day of the surgery was very nice. You had a calm vibe and that really helped me because I was extremely nervous about the surgery. Also that you stayed there the whole morning with me and helped with translation. I think I definitely would have not been able to go to the different building myself and get the pre researches done because they barley spoke English or German there. So I'm really happy having done it via medical czech and not directly via a clinic. Honestly I don't really have anything negative to say.. It was awesome and just keep doing how you do.

I am healing good. The first few days after surgery where really not nice with pain and discomfort. But after that it gets quickly better every day. I still need a few weeks until I'm finally completely healed but that's okay.

Thank you again for all your help :)