Steven, UK

Plastic Surgery
June 2016

We are both felling a bit battered and bruised from the surgery we had done , but that was to be expected , we are more than happy with the way everything went with the travelling to prague and the correspondents we had via email which made bookin g so much easier . The clinic was spotless and caring and the surgeon was good at explaining what was going to happen  , the one negative would be we were there for 5 days after surgery it would have been good to have a follow up check up so we could see if everything was okay . Obviously from a heeling point of view different people heal quicker we are both still heavily swollen and bruised but getting through. I think if i was to do it again one night away from your own comfortable home is enough being away from home does make the healing a little bit harder . Hopefully now were back home this process will quicken . And we hope the results are good in a few months after all settles back to normal. We would both recommend your service and the clinic we will give other feedback when we see the results shortly . Thanks again Tereza for you kind emails..