Sylvie, UK

Plastic Surgery
January 2015

I had a very good experience with Medical Travel Czech, you always took the time to reply to my emails within 1 or 2 days and even to call me to make sure I knew what to expect and that I would be very well prepare for the surgery. Also, I did really appreciate the fact that you send me few links of hotel where I could stay not far from the clinic. Everyone was really nice and friendly from you to the doctor and the nurses so I felt in a trustworthy and safe environment.


I have been well since the surgery, everything went well. The doctor explained very well what I should expect and I didn't experience any complication at all, just felt very swollen and discomfort. I was given pills to take and a recovery pack with everything explain. It a little bit frustrated because it takes times before you can see the final result and you're always over thinking I hope it work? Did he remove enough fat out? Could he remove more? What about the scars they are very visible and etc. But everything was explained by the doctor. But the good thing is that he gave me its mobile number so when I had any questions I just send him a message and he would reply within 2 days which is very helpful and comforting.


The only downfall was the pick up at the airport but it didn't really bothered me that much because my flight was delayed (and you arrange my drop off the airport.) but I realised at this time that I didn't have your personal phone number in case of emergency.


Also, Miss Sophie is a nice hotel but not very convenient when you just had surgery and just want to stay in our room, especially if you travel alone. You don't have a room service to order food and drink and it was not convenient to cross the road to talk to reception and to have breakfast specially because it was snowing and the street is sloping.


But overall I had a great experience, from the hotel, taxi driver and doctors everyone was very friendly and welcoming.


I would definitely come back for a check-up and to visit the city.