Valerie, Ireland

Plastic Surgery
September 2019

Here are a list of positive things, I must say about my experiences with both your Medical Travel agency and Forme Clinic.

  1. First of all after my nose surgery my nose looks wonderfully straight. Much more than I could have hoped for.
  2. My self esteem is returning, and I am also returning back to your services and Forme Clinic for more work done next year.
  3. The service I received at Forme clinic was out of this world. Wow it was 100% fantastic.
  4. All though my mind was terrified on arriving to a plastic surgeon for the first time. I was in great hands and care. All the staff had nothing but high regard and very caring and always on stand by for all my needs. All needs where met immediately.
  5. The price was excellent for my nose surgery.
  6. I met a new friend in you Helena too I am so happy to have met your very kind and caring. Thank u so much for all your help I really appreciate all you done for me. Especially getting me transport from the airport to my Hotel.
  7. I had an absolutely fantastic time from start to end of my trip.
  8. I have absolutely no negative things to say about my experience.