Yerko and friend, Netherlands

Plastic Surgery
July 2014

With regards to the process, I will start from the beginning. As many people who goes under surgery, we are all concern where we are going to do it, and with whom we choose for the process, because after all our health in involved. I have to honestly say that we were highly impressed with your services, wiliness to answer every questions we had before the procedure even when I emailed you 10 times a day, you were always kind and provided the correct and proper answers.


As per the clinic, we could have not asked for a better service. The procedure in general was great and the post operation service we received was first class. Congratulations to the nurses of the clinic who were always very willing to assist and to attend to our needs.


As per my surgery (eyelids and chin liposuction) i suggested to have it with complete narcoses and the doctor insisted on doing it with local one, which I do regret because I could feel everything, even though i was under local narcoses the doctor had to put more several times. The pain was not unbearable, but very discomforting and if I personally had to do it again I would ask them to make me sleep and wake me up when all is done, and this would be my recommendation to all patients.


With my chin liposuction the doctor didn't tell me exactly when to expect as results on times. Now after 2 months, i have under my chin a tissue created under the skin which I have learned that is rather normal and to see final results takes up to 6 months, but i see that the tissue is decreasing and i an very happy with my eyes and my neck, it has been for me a complete change and i am very pleased with it. My recommendation to all patients is to do some research on what to expect after surgery and recovery times.


As per my friend, his experience with you and the clinic was also very gratifying. We have absolutely no complains, on the contrary, only compliments. His recovery was almost textbook - we followed the instructions from the doctor and staff to the letter.


Although we all want to look absolutely perfect after the procedures, everyone needs to realize that it takes time to achieve the results. The service was, however, excellent!

Feel free to post our comments and if you want to use me as reference i have no problems.

Wish you a very good day and once again want to thank you for your great service and last but no least, if we had to do it again or a different surgery most definitely would choose for your services.