Zdenka, Canada

Plastic Surgery
April 2016

Thank you for everything you have done for me! I am now back in Canada, recovering from the tummy tuck surgery. I am very pleased with the results, 3 weeks after my surgery. The stitches are 70 percent gone, I still have swelling, but healing quite well. The overall experience was amazing, your personal attention, pre and post op care, I was very impressed with the clinic, procedure and great care! Thank you Richard from the agency for finding you for me, for your capable hands and expertise, for your operating team, I will never forget walking in before the operation, team ready, welcoming, the profesionalism, the cleanliness, and you!!! I felt great and I had therefore total trust! Also special thank you to nurse Jana for looking after me and other client day and night after the operation. We were truly pampered! I will stop by for a visit on my next trip to Prague. Thank you again!