Anthony, 57

Stem Cell Treatment
January 2015

Osteoarthritis of both knees

1 year after cell therapy refers:

"I am an active sportsman for all my life. I love mountain climbing and many other sports. Unfortunately, about 5 year ago I suffered from grade 3 arthritis of my left knee and underwent artificial knee titanium replacement. At that time, there was no cell therapy available as an option to me. A year ago, being diagnosed with arthritis grade 3 on my right knee, I was looking for an alternative to artificial joint since I would not be able to kneel down at all on artificial knee joints. I underwent the cell therapy using my own fat as a source of stem cells without any problems. I also enjoyed how fast the recovery was. After one week I did not feel any pain, after 4 weeks I was walking without any problems or limping. After 3 months from the procedure I was skiing and ice skating. I love also climbing, and cycling. I was able to go for 200 km on by bicycle. And this is not the end. 8 months after my cell therapy I was present at an expedition to the Caucasus Mountains in Russia, where I climbed the highest mountain Elbrus (elevation 5642 meters above the sea level) and from the elevation of roughly 5000 meters I was able to ski down the hill. In the near future I am planning to visit Africa to climb the highest mountain there - Kilimanjaro. Great news is that the control X-ray after 1 year from cell therapy found that the cartilage in my right knee grew for additional 0,5 – 1 mm. I think that it could be good for many years to come and it could give me a freedom with all my sport activities."