Austin, UK

Stem Cell Treatment
January 2017

You have undergone stem cells treatment in January 2017.


Update June 2018

My knees are A LOT better… like 80-90% perfect. it definitely made a difference. Unfortunately the extraction of the stem cells scarred my belly and I have “jelly belly” now  so I would say this needs to be improved but the actual knee surgery was fantastic.


First review:

Everyone was very helpful. The driver was a really nice friendly personable man who couldn't do enough for me. The doctor was knowledgeable and answered all questions well. Everyone was good!

The only thing I would say that could be improved is there should be an after care fact sheet with a timeline of what the patient should do and when he should do it because I remember talking to the doctor and him telling me what I should and shouldn't do but as I was on sedatives from the operation I can't remember what was said.

In regards to being an ambassador My knees felt strong yesterday but actually feel like I have just injured them again today... but I'm assuming this is just soreness from the procedure. If I feel the procedure is worthwhile I will certainly reccomnend my friends.