Blanka, 72

Stem Cell Treatment
March 2015

osteoarthrisis grade 2-3 right knee
after 3.5 years from cell therapy reports:

"My orthopedist offered cortisone injections and analgesic drugs to minimize the pain and sometimes the swelling of my right knee. I did not want to reconcile with such approach and I was able to find experienced doctor who offered cell therapy using my own cells from fat. Although the obtaining the fat from my belly was not very pleasant, I underwent it without any problems. During the first week after the cell therapy procedure the knee was sensitive. But then the pain was gone, swelling never occur again. After one year the knee was even better like a new one! Now being for several years without any troubles or pain, I am very satisfied with the result. I can go stairs without any problems. When I compare it with the situation before cell therapy, I had great difficulties in walking before, the knee was very painful. After the application of stem cells the pain was gone, after few months I could walk quite fast. Recently I enjoy hiking, I can walk pretty fast and recently I am getting ready for one week of hiking in the mountains. Plus, I do not need to take any medicaments. If I have to undergo this procedure again, I would definitely go for it."