George, 66

Stem Cell Treatment
February 2015

Osteoarthritis grade 3 in both hips
2 years and 2 months after cell therapy reports:

"I was suffering a lot from both hips pain. My movement was very bad, I could not even sit. At night, I could not sleep because of such a severe pain, I was forced to sleep in a sitting position. Painkillers and local creams against pain were not helpful much. My orthopedic surgeon recommended artificial joint surgery on one side and then on the other side. At that time I was about a year before my planned retirement. So I did not want to be out of work for several months and loose some benefits and risk a decreased income when finally retired. Thus, I decided for stem cell application to both hips at one procedure. My stem cells worked really well and fulfilled all my expectations, even exceeded them. I had almost no pain one week after the cell therapy and I could go back to work after 3 weeks. I am really happy I was able to save my hips and did not have to go that big surgery. Now when I retired, I can go for long walks every day, I can sleep without any pain. When the weather is changing, I can feel it in my bones, but otherwise I enjoy life without pain."